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ZETA ESSE TI_A modern logistics

Nineteen years have passed since the inauguration of a logistic centre at Zeta Esse Ti to ensure safe storage in accordance with the latest criteria and on-time delivery of goods.
The heart of this centre is the vertical shelving warehouse equipped with a software system that manages in a fully automated way the positioning and picking of the goods with a precise and punctual traceability of the lots.
The warehouse is equipped with 1600 cells spread over 10 floors and divided into 40 columns. The shelves, organized in a double depth, are served by a stacker-crane with a top speed of 120 meters per minute able to supervise, according to the FIFO (First In First Out) logic, even the individual lots’ shelf life.
The warehouse is also equipped with an automatic pallet wrapping system and a loading area with two parking ramps for the TIRs to facilitate activities.
To complete the system, the transport forklifts are also equipped with a computer system through which the operator is able to verify the list of goods being shipped, both before loading and during the actual activities of goods’ preparation.

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